Sunday 16th October 2022


Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at Not Your Average Wedding Showcase 2022!

Going to a wedding fair is not always the most fun experience and can often feel like a very long shopping trip! At ‘Not Your Average’ we are trying to shake things up a bit … with a really fun interactive day out which will really help couples with their wedding planning journey!

As an exhibitor we want you to help create that fun feel!

This year there will be five main exhibitor areas
– The Barn
– The Pamper Room
– The Tipi ( based on the lower lawn next to the barn )
– The Upper Lawn & Arboretum Walk ( for outdoor exhibitors / outdoor entertainment and our World Inspired Tents tipi showcase )
– The Circle ( for food vendors and music performances )

Plus we have outdoor areas around the barn with space for cars / campervans / photobooths etc.

And we will also be attracting visitors with a Tipi Showcase from World Inspired Tents and Knots & Kisses, Two further styled sets in the Main Barn and Wedding Workshops in one half of the Arboretum Tipis.

If you are a music supplier or performer you will get a 4ft exhibitor space in one of the main exhibitor areas plus one or two half hour performance slots in our bandstand performance area. (We have a reduced fee for music performers in exchange for you performing for us at the event)

We are also increasing parking capacity for the event so we will have up to 150 tickets for sale this year. Our goal at Not Your Average is to provide a quality visitor for you as a supplier – not necessarily quantity. By paying an entrance fee of £10 and being targeted through quality marketing we feel we are able to stop those ‘passers by’ from taking up your time and provide you with really quality enquiry.

Stands will be allocated on a first come first served basis … provided the business fits our criteria in terms of the type of exhibitor and aesthetic we are aiming for.

We have space for 2 businesses per wedding category (more for music, food and outdoor suppliers)